Mersey Boys Stage Play

Mersey Boys Stage Play was published in 2015 by Celtic-Badger Publishers.

Stage Reading of the Mersey Boys

Run time: 1hr 53m

Mersey Boys stage reading was performed on February 11th, 2016 at Greenville Technical College (University transfer Building, Auditorium 134-136). The reading was presented by Dr. Dan Robbins and the Intermediate Acting Class.

Admission: Free

Running Time: Two hours

Cast and Crew


Dr. Dan Robbins

Producer & Author

Steven G. Farrell

Assistant Producer & Editor

Hannah R. Mangan


Dr. Dan Robbins                                                  Erin Kathleen Shealy

Professor Al Moran                                                       Ginny Browne       

Jim McCartney                                                                                 


Nick Heredia                                                           Nathan Coffey 

John Lennon                                                            Paul McCartney


Dave Frazier                                                             Samantha Lee

George Harrison                                                            Cynthia Powell  

London DJ                                                                 French Model

                                                                                Ferryboat Woman


Melissa Bealzeale                                                        Jessica T. Redly   

Mrs. Lampkins                                                               Paige Directions 

Pigtails                                                                          Clancy   



Cheyenne Belue                                                              Alyx Farkas     

  Miss Hayes                                                                   Florrie Saudinger


 Perry Evatt                                                               Hassler Trivino Bolanas

Gerry Marsden                                                                 Brian Epstein  

                                                                                  Ringo Starr

                                                                                 Allan Williams

Steven G. Farrell

Steve Farrell Voiceover

Erin Kathleen Shealy as Ginny Browne

Dr. Dan Robbins as Al Moran

Samantha Lee as Cynthia Powell, French Model, Ferryboat Woman and Errand Girl

Nathan Coffey as Paul McCartney

Hassler Trivino Bolanas as Brian Epstein, Ringo Starr and Allan Williams

Perry Evatt as Gerry Marsden

Melisa Bealzeale as Mrs. Lampkins, Pigtails

Alyx Farkas as Florrie Saudinger

Dave Frazier as George Harrison and the London DJ

Nick Heredia, far left, as John Lennon.

Steven G. Farrell the author of the "Mersey Boys" novel, play and screenplay.

Jessica T. Redly, far right, as the Stage Direction Reader and the Waitress.

Dr. Dan Robbins assembling the cast and waiting on our "George Harrison" to make his appearance.