British Beatles Fan Club Magazine, Issue 69, march 2019, includes Steven G. Farrell's article about Roag Best and the Magical Beatles Museum in Liverpool.

The Mersey Boys' Files contains seven files dealing with the Mersey Boys' book and the A Letter from Al Moran film.

"Mersey Boys" was published by Celtic-Badger Publishers in 2013. Steven G. Farrell hold exclusive rights to the novel, play and screenplay.

"Collected Writings 2007 to 2015" includes twenty-six pieces.

Books & Writings by Steven G. Farrell

Steven G. Farrell  is a Professor of Speech-Communication at Greenville Technical College, and he is the author of "Mersey Boys," a novel, play and screenplay about Professor Al Moran, Ginny Browne, John Lennon and the Beatles.  Most of the action takes place at the Liverpool Art College, cica1960. Celtic-Badger Publishers published the novel and the play in 2013. The screenplay was published in association with Off the Wall Plays of London in 2013.

CelticBadger Publishers, in association with Bookstand Publihing (Morgan Hill, CA., has also published "Zen Babe," a novel (2008), "Boston Knuckles," a play (2008), "Liverpool Roared," a novel (2010) and "Farrell's Last Papers," a collection (2015).

World Audience Publshers of New York, New York published "Farrell's Irish Papers," (2010), a collection of stories, essays, criticisms and a play, and "Bowery Ripper on the Loose," (2011), a novella featuring Jack the Ripper and The Irish Clowns.

Professor Farrell's stories, essays, articles, reviews, plays and screenplays have appeared in over three dozen publications. Three of his essays include "Mickey Machine Is Back!" (Crime), "Galloping Gallager Deserves the Gallows! (Talking Pictures), ""Patrick and Michael Slug It Out!" (Boxing News 24); and four of his stories are "Knucklebones," (Irish American Post), "The Crimson Druid of Wisconsin," (Audience), "Olumhor," (The Path), and "The Ripper on the Bowery," (Candlelight Sories). Other credits include Frontier Tales, Society of American Baseball Research, Scary Monsters, Lost Treasure, U.K. News, Downtown, New England News, Liverpool Beat, the Irish American Cultural Institue , Celtic Cafe, Horrorpedia, Crypt, Toronto Film Scene, 28 Days Later Analyist, Archival Outlook, The Esthetic Apostle, Irish Central, British Beatles Fan Club Magazine, and Radio Beatle-Peru..

In December of 2016 The Path Literay Magazine published Farrell's two stories ("Old Fezziwig is Alive Again!" and  "Bat and Pud") and one essay ("The Devil and Stephen Vincent Benet").

Steven G. Farrell's most recent publications in 2017 have been "Bat Masterson and Pud Galvin" (Frontier Tales) and "The Farrell Clan in Major League Baseball" (Irish American Post), "Following in the Footsteps of the Braves" (The Sport Digest),"Awakening the Zodiac-Interview with screenplay writer Michael Horrigan" (28 Days Later Analysis: The Voice of Horror), "Interview with Jonathan Wright, Director of Awakening the Zodiac" ( and "Interview with Paddy Murphy, Director of the Three Don'ts," Crypt.

Paddy Murphy ten page script, "A Letter From Al Moran" is based on "Mersey Boys.



  • 'Last Papers' by Steven G. Farrell

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  • 'Zen Babe' by Steven G. Farrell

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The Path Vol. 8 No. 2 December 2018, includes Steven G. Farrell's essays "it Took the Babe to Beat Ned," and "Make Us Laugh Again, Funnymen."

The Path Volume 8 No 1 July 2018

The Path Volume 8 Number 1 includes Steven G. Farrell's "An Americvan in Galway, Ireland," a poem, "A Letter From Al Moran," a story, and "Making a Beatles' Movie in Ireland," an essay.

The Path December 2017

Steven G. Farrell had five different pieces published in the December 2017 issue of the Path, including three stories ("A Bully Good Ride," "The Midnight Brownies of Howard Place," and "A Rambling Old House in Black Earth, Wisconsin), one essay ("Saving the Harold Lloyd Archives") and one review on Karen Kressin's novel.

Steven G. Farrell's electronic portfolio


 1) Mickey Machine Gun is Back! essay, Crime, 2009.

 2) Galloping Gallagher Deserves the Gallows! essay, Talking Pictures, 2009.

 3) Ripper on the Bowery story, Candlelight Stories, 2010.

 4) Patrick and Michael Slug it Out, essay,  Boxing News,     2011

 5) Bat Masterson and Pud Galvin: The Gunslinger and the Baseball Pitcher. Frontier Tales,        March 2017. 

 6) Folliwing in the Footsteps of the Braves, article, The Sport Digest, April 2017.

  7) Interview with Michael Horrigan: Awakening the Zodiac. 28 Days Later Analysis, May 12,        2017 

 8) with Paddy Murphy, director, producer & actor, Crypt Magazine, June of 2017.

 9) Interview with Jonathan Wright,, August 28, 2017.  

10) Exploring the Harold Lloyd Film Archives, Archival Outlook, November 13, 2017.

11) An American in Galway, Ireland. The Esthetic Apostle, February 13, 2018. 

12) "Make Us Laugh Again, Funnymen,"  essay, Battle Royale with Cheese, May 21, 2018.

13) "Making a Beatles Movie in Ireland," article, BRWC,  May, 2018 

14) Interview with Pete Best about his new Beatles museum in Liverpool," interview, Day   Trippin' Beatles Magazine, September 21, 2018. 

15) Una Entrevista Con Steven G. Farrell, Autor De Mersey Boys," Spanish version by Carlos Larriega A, Mundo Beatle Radio, May 29, 2019. 

"Bowery Ripper On the Loose & More Stories" went up on in January, 2017.

"The Path Volume 6 Number 2" went up on in January of 2017. This volume includes three pieces by Steven G. Farrell: "Bat and Pud: The Deputy and the Pitcher" (story), "Ole Fezziwig is Alive Again!" (story) and "The Devil and Stephen Vincent Benet" (essay).

Scary Monsters Magazine June 2016

Farrell's article, 'Abbott & Costello Meet Strange, Lugosi and Chaney," appeared in the 101st issue of Scary Monsters in June, 2016.

Scary Monsters Magazine June 2015

'Scary Monsters" Magazine featured two essays by Steven G. Farrell in their 98th issue (June, 2015): "Dracula Becomes Bela Lugosi' and 'Frankenstein Becomes Boris Karloff.' The two articles were from his four part series  of lectures about old Universal Studios horror films presented at Greenville Technical College in the University Transfer Audotorium. The series included "Dracula," "frankenstein," The Wolf Man," and "Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein." The films were well received by an audience consisting of both students and faculty.

Audience 2010-2013

Audience of New York City published 12 writings of Steven G. Farrell, including 6 essays, 3 stories, 2 reviews and 1 play. His writings appeared in 4 issues of this magazine from 2010 to 2013.

"Bowery on the Loose" was a novella published by World Audience Publishers of New York, New York, 2012.

Lost Treasure Review 2011

Steven G. Farrell's review of Dan Pastorte's Jesses James' book appeared in "Lost Trasure."

Mickey Machine is Back! Crime Magazine, 2009.