British Beatles Fan Club Magazine, Issue 70, June 2019, includes Steven G. Farrell's article 'Making a Beatles Movie in Ireland.'

Steven G. Farrell meets Tony Bramwell, former CEO of Apple Corp, at the world premiere of "Mersey Boys: A Letter From Al Moran" on April 27th, 2019, Delray, Florida.

Beatles on the Beach Festival lineup, including Mersey Boys: A Letter From Al Moran.



Mersey Boys: A Letter from Al Moran

A World Premiere Beatle Movie at The International Beatles On The Beach Festival!

This short film, produced in Ireland, is about a fictional encounter between an American professor and the young Beatles in a Liverpool pub!

Saturday 10am & 3:30pm @ The Crest Theatre

Mersey Boys: A Letter From Al Moran World Premiere is on April 25, 2019 at Beatles on the Beach Festival in Delray Beach, Florida.

Mersey Boys: A Letter From Al Moran Official Imdb

"A Letter from Al Moran" November 29, 2017

Steven G. Farrell did a twenty-minute presentation on his "Mersey Boys" novel, play and screenplay. on November 29, 2017. He also spoke about "A Letter from Al Moran," the ten-minute concept film being produced by Celtic Badger Media of ireland. The speech was held in Room 219 in the Transfer Building on the Barton Campus of Greenville Technical College, South Carolina. Stills from the film were incorporated into the powerpoint. 

Making a Beatles Movie in Ireland, May 23, 2018 BRWC, UK

British Beatles Fan Club Magazine March 22, 2018

Meet the Mersey Boys in "A Letter from Al Moran." Mikey Casey as Paul, Robert Bourke as John and Ben Collopy as George. Filmed in Wicklow, Ireland on October 28, 2017. Photograph by Robbie Milton.

New cover of Mersey Boys novel, featuring Fiach Kunz, Mikey Casey, Robert Bourke and Ben Collopy.

Mersey Boys 4th Edition is out!
Includes photographs from "A Letter from Al Moran" film.

"A Letter from Al Moran," a ten minute proof of concept film is announced over a pod cast.

Paddy Murphy prepares to do a pod cast with Steven G. Farrell and Rachel Cobb on October 22nd, 2017 in Limerick City, Ireland. Barry Fahy was setting up the cameras. The pod cast ran for two hours and essentially introduced the "Mersey Boys: From a Letter of Al Moran" to Ireland and the world.

Photograph by Barry Fahy.

Jessica Messenger as Ginny Browne. Photograph by Paddy Murphy.

Meet the Beatles and Professor Al Moran Photograph by Robbie Milton.

Paddy Murphy directed all three scenes of the "A Letter from Al Moran" film. Scenes 1 and 3 were shot in Loughrea, Galway, on October 21, 2017 and scene 3 was shot on October 28, 2017 in Wicklow. The cast included two Americans, two British and four Irish actors. Celtic Badger Media provided seven crew members for the shooting.


Photograph by Robbie Milton.

Rachel Cobb, Paddy Murphy and Steven G. Farrell smile as the first day of filming finishes on October 21, 2017 in Loughrea, Galway Bay, Ireland. Photograph by Paddy Murphy.

Mersey Boys Filmed on October 28, 2017

Paddy Murphy and the cast and crew worked for twelve hours on October 28, 2017 to film the second scene of the "A Letter from Al Moran" three scenes ten-minute concept film. Shooting was conducted in the scenic Wicklow Mountains of Ireland.

Photograph by Robbie Milton.


Rachel Cobb as Moira Moran and Steven G. Farrell as Gerard Moran. Photograph by Robbie Milton.

Steven G. Farrell and Rachel Cobb, who are both professors in the Speech & Theater Department at Greenville Technical College, South Carolina, few over to Ireland for "A Letter from Al Moran"  Steve played Gerard Moran and Rachel played his niece Moira. The filming was done in the home of the Fahey family in Loughrea, Galway.

Photograph by Robbie Milton.

Pod cast from Limerick, Ireland October 22, 2017

Paddy Murphy and Barry Fahy interview Steven G. Farrell andRachel Cobb on Badger Banter.

Celtic Badger Media-Mersey Boys official page